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Animal Adventure Party

Animal Adventure Party

Whether your little monkey is hog-wild for horses, bananas about bugs or crazy for cats, an animal-themed party is sure to please. We’ve got enough exciting games and activities to content the wildest bunch!

7 Great Ways to Decorate

  1. Hang green streamers from the ceiling to create a rainforest.
  2. Place stuffed animals in potted plants and suspend from chandeliers, ceiling and banisters.
  3. Suspend craft cobwebs from lights and fixtures and affix plastic frogs, spiders and bugs. safety note: keep out of reach of babies and very young children.
  4. Dress up safari-style with cargo pants and a broad-brimmed hat or in hiking gear – don’t forget the binoculars!
  5. Use construction paper to cut out animal footprints leading the way from the front door to the party room.
  6. Buy animal-themed paper plates and cups at a party store.
  7. Drape the sofa and chairs with faux-leopard fabric.

Fun For All

  • Enlist a teen to paint whiskers and little black noses on guests as they arrive.
  • Get the party hopping with a rousing game of leapfrog.
  • Send the kids “on safari” by hiding stuffed animals in the backyard or basement.
  • Paint a lion (or animal of your choice) on a large box and cut a wide hole for the mouth. Have kids “feed” the animal by tossing beanbags (socks filled with dried beans work, too) into the hole.
  • Present each party guest with an animal journal; have them record fun animal facts hidden around the house. Reward the player who unearths the most facts with a special party favour.
    tip: this game’s great for kids aged 7 and up.
  • Play freeze-dance to a roaring tune like “We’re the Monkeys” by The Monkeys, or “Jane Jane (the chimpanzees are calling)” by Raffi.

Fab Party Favours

  • small packages of animal crackers
  • animal stickers
  • animal colouring book
  • storybook with an animal as a central character
  • rubber or wooden snake
  • animal keychain
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