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Barbecue Fajitas

The summer seems to invite those unique and cherished evenings when you gather with your family over a lingering dinner. Turn on the barbecue and try a new take on a Tex-Mex favourite, the fajita. Use a barbecue stir-fry basket to perfectly grill marinated meat and veggies for the most flavourful fajitas, then invite everyone to wrap them up together. With fajitas, anything goes! You can try traditional favourites like steak and salsa, or go for pork and pineapple. To round out the meal, try serving with a side of Salsa Rice. Our fajitas are the perfect way to bring people together for a tasty dinner, and clean-up is quick and easy too!

Kraft Kitchens Quick Tips

  • Substitute a disposable aluminum 13 x 9-inch pan if you don't have a barbecue stir-fry basket. Poke small holes in the bottom and press against a hard surface to flatten the cut-outs.
  • Spray cold barbecue stir-fry basket with non-stick cooking spray for easy clean-up.
  • Warm flour tortillas on the grill by wrapping them in foil and putting on top of grill for the last couple of minutes
  • Add leftover grilled meats and veggies to salad greens for a quick, cool meal.
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