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Barbecue Stir-Fries

Everyone loves stir-fries. When it's too hot to cook inside, bring them outside! We've found a brand new way to stir-fry - right on the barbecue.

The outdoor grill gives stir-fried veggies and meat a fantastic smokey taste you just can't match in a winter wok. All you need is a barbecue stir-fry pan or disposable aluminum pan that lets you toss and stir-fry pieces of meat and vegetables right over the fire.

Kraft Dressings add the seasoning and the sizzle to this great one-dish idea and they come in a fabulous selection of flavours. So fire up the grill - in the backyard, at the cottage or campground. It's outdoor eating at its healthiest!

Kraft Kitchens Quick Tips

  • Spray cold barbecue stir-fry pan with non-stick cooking spray for easy clean-up.
  • Cut all veggies about the same size to ensure even cooking. The smaller they are, the faster they'll cook.
  • Use long-handled tools so you can stay clear of flare-ups.
  • Create wraps or fajitas with leftovers. Warm flour tortillas in foil on the grill, fill and fold.
  • Substitute a disposable aluminum 13 x 9-inch pan if you don't have a barbeuce stir-fry pan. Poke small holes in the bottom and press against a hard surface to flatten the cut-outs. Perfect for camping or the cottage!
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