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Bust a Move
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Bust a Move

Most parents admit that winter isn't the easiest time to get kids exercising outdoors when the couch is so warm and inviting. So, if you're looking for ways to get your kids up and at 'em, why not encourage them to warm up with some heart-pumping indoor fun instead? Working up a sweat is easy when kids can stay inside and use purchased equipment or things that can be found around the house. Keep their enthusiasm up by encouraging them to participate in fitness activities they enjoy, and by being active along with them. Turn on a kid-friendly fitness video or a CD of their favourite tunes. They can teach you some new moves and you can show them some classics. Instill a love for physical activity and it will stick with your kids through rain, sun and snow.

Looking for some kid-inspired exercise videos or DVDs? Try one of these:

Sesame Street
Ages 2-6

Who can resist stretching with a Muppet? Elmo's exercise camp features feel-good fitness with catchy songs.

Tae Bo Junior
Billy Blanks
Ages 5 and up

A 30-minute video from World Martial Arts Champion Billy Blanks that teaches kids the basics of Tae Bo to the tunes of today.

Yoga Kids
Ages 3-10

Join this yoga instructor and her young students in a creative program that teaches the basic stretches and poses of yoga.

Hip Hop For Kids
Ages 6-12

Learn the latest moves from Roger G as he leads child dancers through a fun hip hop workout.

  • Mini-trampolines provide fun indoor activity with excellent aerobic benefits. Be sure to follow proper safety precautions before you let your kids jump to it.
  • What could be more fun than a ping-pong match? Gather family and friends for an afternoon tournament.
  • Teach your kids the old skipping songs that you remember from your playground days, or let them teach you some new ones.
  • Whether it's breakdancing, ballet or tap, dancing promotes balance, flexibility and rhythm. Pull out the video camera and create your own version of American Bandstand or Dance Fever.
  • Get things done around the house. Let the little ones race to see who can pick up their toys the fastest, while older athletes can try to gather laundry at record speed.
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