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Championship Sports Party

7 Great Ways to Decorate

  1. Primary colours work best; use them in streamers and balloons.
  2. Enlist the kids to create a stadium mural to hang over the door: “Welcome to ________ Arena.”
  3. Create mock bleachers by lining up rows of chairs in a half-moon shape.
  4. Set up a snack table in the corner of the party room with a “snack bar” banner taped above it.
  5. Play “Take Me Out To The Ballpark” as party guests arrive.
  6. Dress up as the referee: black ball cap, soccer shorts and jersey – don’t forget the whistle!
  7. Display trophies, medals and ribbons; keep them on hand for the awards ceremony.

Fun For All

  • Hand out a coloured bandana when they arrive. Divide kids into their teams and have them come up with a team name. Then let the games begin!
    tip: for children aged 8 and up, assign a captain to keep track of points scored during the party.
  • Do the long jump. Mark an “X” on the floor with masking tape; each child will jump from the starting line (no running) – the longest jump wins points for the team.
  • Play balloon volleyball. Each team stands in a circle and attempts to keep a balloon off the ground for as long as possible. Award a point for every second each team keeps the balloon afloat.
  • Shoot some hoops. Place a garbage can or laundry basket six to eight feet away from the start line (marked on the floor with masking tape) and have the kids attempt to score baskets with a spongy ball or beanbag. Award points for every basket.
  • Set up an obstacle course around the backyard using pylons, tires and lawn chairs.
  • Have both teams sign a baseball, soccer ball or other favourite piece of sports equipment and give to the birthday boy or girl as a special prize.
  • And the medal goes to... At the end of the games, hand out prize ribbons to all team players.

Fab Party Favours

  • wristbands
  • sporty stickers
  • spongy ball or tennis balls
  • whistle
  • sports cards
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