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Coffee and Dessert Recipes

Coffee and Dessert Recipes


Coffee and Dessert Recipes

The right coffee and dessert recipes help you to ensure any meal ends well. Whether you prefer dark, medium or light roast brew, choose a delectable sweet treat to accompany your java for an excellent finishing touch. These coffee and dessert recipes make it easy to perfectly pair your cups of coffee to pies, cakes, tarts, parfaits, biscotti, cookies and more!

Light Roast Test

Characterized by a smooth, mellow taste and golden-brown color. Pair with:

  • Light cakes, cookies and loaves
  • Cooked-fruit desserts, such as a crisp, compote or cobbler
  • Desserts with fresh fruit, such as a tart, shortcake or meringue

Recipes that go with light coffee:

Medium Roast

Well-rounded and robust with a deep, brown colour. Pair with:

  • Creamy desserts with light textures, such as crème brûlée, tiramisù or flan
  • Spiced desserts, such as carrot cake and apple pie
  • Lighter-style desserts that still hold some decadence, such as cheesecakes with fresh fruit or whipped-chocolate parfaits

Recipes that go with medium coffee:

Dark Roast

Bold, rich and full of body. Pair with:

  • Coffee-flavored desserts, such as mocha cake or espresso ice cream
  • Decadent desserts, such as dense cheesecake or ice cream
  • Grains, such as muffins, biscotti, scones or croissants
  • Rich chocolate desserts, such as cake, sundaes, mousse or truffles
  • Desserts with caramel and/or nuts

Recipes that go with dark coffee: