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Dinner Party Decorating

Setting the mood for your dinner party is just as important as what you serve. From adding scents to accenting with fresh fruits, flowers and more you'll find everything you need to make your dinner party one they won't soon forget.

Add Scents

Boil a small pot on the stove with a little water, orange and lemon rind and some cloves and cinnamon.

Snip some pine or spruce sprigs and use as the base for a candle.

Instead of flowers, put out bouquets of fragrant herbs such as chives, rosemary, thyme, or sage.

Light scented candles to add aroma as well as mood lighting. Stick to one or two scents, don't mix and match many different aromas.

Natural Décor

Set a fresh mood with a large, oversized glass bowl or vase filled with colourful fruit such as grapes, pears, lemons, limes, oranges, or cranberries.

Top folded napkins with a little favour like a delicately wrapped chocolate or a sprig of berries or blossoms.

For a natural flare, collect twigs, berries and small pinecones and scatter around the table.

For fruity place cards, use small pears or apples. Cut a small slice by the stem of each and insert a heavy paper name card.

Pinecones make great centrepieces — plain or spray painted gold. Add pine or spruce sprigs for greenery in floral bouquets.

As a small favour of the night, set small potted plants by each place setting at the entrée house.

Setting the Mood

Select a number of CD's in advance to help set the mood. They can be your favourites or theme-based depending on the time of year or nature of the group. Just remember to watch the volume control.

Dim lights and add candles around several rooms. Use caution close to flammable items. If children will be present, put them out of reach.

Tie ribbons on the door knob of bathrooms designated for guests. This will help guests know which washrooms to use and save you from having to clean them all prior to the party.

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