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Family Fitness = Quality Family Time

Family Fitness = Quality Family Time

How about making activity a part of your "togetherness" time? Not only will it bring you closer as a family but it also can help get everyone in better shape. Take the time to enjoy and participate in regular activity by planning it into your family life - your kids will love it!

Here are some ideas to get your whole family involved in staying fit and having fun:

  • Brainstorm: Have each family member think of activities to do together and take some time to sit down and make a plan.
  • Schedule it: Schedule a time each week for family activity.
  • Take turns: Give everyone a chance to pick an activity for the family to do as a group.
  • Log it: Keep a log of activities you've done for future reference.
  • Play outside together: Throw a frisbee, play touch football, have a game of one-on-one basketball, ride bikes, play volleyball, visit a park, go on a nature hike, etc.
  • Find an active family hobby or chore: Building things, fixing things, making art projects, washing cars, doing yard work, etc
  • Hold a weekly or monthly family fun night: Try bowling, skating, hitting the gym together, taking a walk after dinner, going to the batting cage or playing mini-golf.
  • Plan active vacations: Head to the mountains, beach, river or national parks and go exploring!

Remember that it's important for everyone to feel successful and confident in their activity and always keep in mind special needs and preferences!

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