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How Much Fat am I Allowed?

Use this guide to determine your ideal fat intake for one day.

The example we've given is for an inactive man to maintain a 190 lb weight.

1. Estimate daily calorie intake 2100
2. Drop the last digit 210
3. Divide by 3 = Fat Grams / Day 70

In this example, the daily fat target is 70 grams. This means that, over several days, fat intake should average 70 grams a day. (i.e. 100 g one day, 60 g the next, 45 g the next).

Once you work out your own fat gram target, you shouldn't have to do it again unless your daily calorie goal changes. The chart below applies the calculations to typical examples of daily calorie levels for men, women and dieters.

  Men Women Dieters
1. Calories / Day 2400 1800 1400
2. Drop the last digit 240 180 140
3. Divide by 3 = Fat Grams / Day 80 60 47