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For starters

Head to the dollar store to pick up plastic pitchers, napkins and small paper cups. You’ll also need a sturdy table, chairs, a cooler, ice and lots of Kool-Aid Drinks.

Grown ups: Mix together two or three pitchers ahead of time and be on hand to refill them.

Get the word out
Bring in the crowds by posting signs around the neighbourhood.

Grown ups: Remind kids to take down and recycle the signs afterward.

Location, location
Set up next to a garage sale or other neighbourhood event. Or pick a nice, shady area in front of your home. Keep your stand clear of passing cars.

Grown ups: Ensure the stand is in clear view at all times and make your presence known.

Curb appeal
Stick to one colour theme – bright colours are best! Decorate your stand with our cute Kool-Aid signs. Play music and fun games to attract thirsty passers by.

The price is right
Set your price upfront. Charge between 25 and 75 cents, depending on competition. Let the kids decide on a favourite charity to which they can donate their earnings. Be sure to tell customers the money is going to charity.

Grown ups: Make sure your kids have lots of nickels, dimes and quarters to make change and a box to keep the money organized.

Satisfied customers…
To provide the coolest refreshment, keep pitchers of Kool-Aid in ice-filled coolers – don’t pour into cups ahead of time. Give them something different: sell delicious take-away treats as well.

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