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Portion Control Tips

An important part of any healthy eating strategy is managing portion size. Here are some easy ideas to keep you on the right track:

What's a serving?

Let's start with something as simple as a portion of chicken breast: a serving is a piece that approximately fits in the palm of your hand. Read more »

Instead of thinking about "diet," begin to focus on nutrition and the practice of eating real foods in realistic, enjoyable portions.

Cut it in half! Any time you're faced with a mega-serving (like a giant sandwich or a huge plate of pasta), divide it in half and save part for tomorrow.

Enjoy the pleasure of tasting your food by eating more slowly and you may find that you're satisfied with less food.

Consider using a salad plate instead of a standard dinner plate to size your portions. Enjoy your meal, don't rush through - it takes 20 minutes to let your brain catch up with your stomach.

Right-size, don't oversize. For example, at fast food restaurants, order the regular size choice and a side salad with reduced fat dressing.

Slow down at mealtimes. Place your fork down between bites, focus on your food and enjoy.

Never grocery shop while hungry. You will be less likely to buy too much food. Also, keep "better-for-you" foods on hand in the pantry - you'll find you'll use them more often if they are readily available.

Stop eating when satisfied, instead of stuffed.

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