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Splish-Splash Pool Party

7 Great Ways to Decorate

  1. Set up lounge chairs and umbrellas near the “pool.”
  2. Place plastic balls, water noodles, rings and other water toys around the party area.
  3. Cover the snack table with a blue paper tablecloth and decorate with fish stickers or, for older kids, scatter seashells and sand on top.
  4. Buy paper plates, plastic tableware and napkins in an underwater theme. Stock up on paper umbrellas to decorate the kids’ “cocktails” and create special “surprise” ice cubes by freezing a gummy fish in the centre of the cubes, or, simply tint them blue using food colouring.
  5. For indoor parties, string watery blue streamers and paper fish from the ceiling.
  6. Let guests blow bubbles to create an underwater effect.
  7. Have your kids create a “Dive Right In” banner to suspend over the snack table.
    tip: most community pools rent out pool time and party rooms – a great idea for older children and experienced swimmers.

Fun For All

  • Have kids bob for apples in a baby pool.
  • Hold a race to see which child can collect the most floating toys (rubber ducks, rings) in one minute.
  • Find the flip-flop! Give each child one flip-flop and have them scour the yard or party room for its mate. Let them keep the shoes as a prize.
  • Do the limbo. Using a water noodle or rope, have kids limbo to a luau beat.
  • Fill water balloons and let the kids pelt the parents (swimsuit required, Mom).
  • For older, more experienced swimmers, award prizes for the best dive, the funniest jump and the biggest splash.
  • See who can collect the most water rings from the bottom of the pool in a single breath. tip: for younger children, stick to the shallow end. Older kids and experienced swimmers can play this game in the deep end.
  • String up a net and play “beach” volleyball.

safety note: have other adults on hand to help keep an eye – at least one should know CPR. Get kids to show their skills by swimming a length or two in the shallow end at the beginning of the party, so you can determine who gets to swim in the deep end and who to watch closely. And keep a first-aid kit on hand just in case!

Fab Favours

  • beach bag
  • inflatable beach ball
  • pair of sunglasses
  • plastic pails and shovels
  • fish stickers
  • Hawaiian lei or hula skirt
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