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Successful Jam Making Parties

Successful Jam Making Parties

A fun way to spend time with friends is by hosting a jam making party.

  • Choose a date and send out invitations. Select a theme (i.e., "holiday favourites" or "bridal shower treats").
  • Decide which recipes to prepare. Make copies of the recipes for your guests.
  • Purchase ribbons, tags and other decorations for decorating jars.
  • Wait a day or so after the party to transport the jars to your guests because the jam needs to set properly.

Tips for making jam with kids


Make your time together more fun by getting kids involved in making an easy no-cook jam.

  • If using the kitchen counter, have a step or stool nearby so your child will be able to reach the workspace easily.
  • Get kids involved, by letting them crush the berries, add in the sugar and stir in the Certo product.
  • An easy way for kids to fill jars or plastic containers is to use a ladle and a wide-mouthed funnel.
  • Kids can create their own labels and decorate their creations.
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