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Test Your Fibre IQ

  1. Which two food groups do not contain dietary fibre?
    a) Meat and fish
    b) Grains, fruits and vegetables
    c) Milk and dairy products
  2. Which of the following foods contains the most dietary fibre?
    a) Lettuce
    b) Baked beans
    c) Oatmeal
  3. How many grams of fibre should an adult aim for in a day?
    a) 5 to 10 g
    b) 25 to 35 g
    c) 75 to 100 g
  4. Which of the following contains the most fibre?
    a) ½ cup cooked brown rice
    b) 2 slices whole wheat bread
    c) ½ cup 100% wheat bran high fibre cereal
  5. How many grams of fibre does a child over three need in a day?
    a) 100 grams minus age of child
    b) Age of child plus 5 grams
    c) Children need the same amount as adults
  6. Name two benefits of a high fibre diet.
    a) It can help lower cholesterol
    b) It can help control weight
    c) It can help prevent snoring
  7. How much dietary fibre does a 100 g serving of beef or chicken contain?
    a) 0 grams
    b) 5 grams
    c) 10 grams
  8. Which of the following vegetables contains the most fibre?
    a) 1 sweet potato
    b) 1 cup of broccoli
    c) 1 cup of lettuce
  9. Which of the following fruits contains the most fibre?
    a) 1 orange
    b) 1 cup strawberries
    c) 1 pear
  10. Ready to fibre up? Keep these two things in mind:
    a) Always eat dessert
    b) Drink plenty of fluids
    c) Increase fibre gradually to help prevent bloating and gas
The correct answers are as follows:
1 a&c, 2b, 3b, 4c, 5b, 6a&b, 7a, 8a, 9c, 10b&c
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