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Tips on Getting Started to Cook with Kids

Tips on Getting Started to Cook with Kids

Tips on Getting Started to Cook with Kids

The secret to enjoying cooking with your kids is to be prepared. Don't plan to make a recipe with your child if you are rushed or have too many things on the go. The time together in the kitchen should be enjoyable for both you and your children. And taking a few extra moments to set the kitchen up with all the equipment, ingredients and utensils before calling the kids in will make it easier to assign tasks and supervise.

Begin your session in the kitchen by reading the recipe, from start to finish. You may understand it very well, but be sure that your children also understand what the terms mean and which ingredients are which.

Divide all of the ingredients out into sections for each step. Place them in a particular spot on the counter with any of the utensils needed for measuring, stirring, chopping, etc.

Try to follow each step of the recipe before moving on to the next step. It will take some practice supervising more than one child at a time, but with practice, both you and your children will become more patient.

Practice good food safety skills and start your cooking session by washing your hands and all counter surfaces you will be working on.

When you are finished, be sure to include the kids in the clean up and washing of dishes. Very young children can load the dishwasher or put ingredients away and older children can hand wash equipment. A cooking session is never complete until the dishes are washed and away.

Remember there are many ways children can be involved in food and cooking. They can help you plan and write lists for the grocery store. They can help in a garden or plant little containers of foods to tend themselves. Older children can help with shopping. And children of all ages can help with preparation, creating a meal/snack and cleaning up afterwards.

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