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How we define Healthy Living at Kraft Canada

Our idea of “Healthy Living” is based on the concept that diet and physical activity are equally important to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Kraft we know food and food solutions. We aim to help people optimize their healthy way of eating. Look for recipes that have the Health Living icon or the sun burst symbol.

Our culinary and nutrition experts at Kraft have worked to develop delicious recipes that meet guidelines for both qualitative and quantitative criteria. The recipe criteria are based on Canada’s Food Guide and Public Health guidelines for healthy eating that are mindful of calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, fibre and sodium. We aim to ensure that Healthy Living recipes contain the presence of positives such as lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats and ingredients that provide sources of key vitamins and minerals.

We include:

  • appropriate serving sizes for cooked protein foods, grains and other ingredients
  • ingredients that limit additional sodium e.g. low sodium deli meats, no salt added canned products, reduced sodium broths and condiments
  • limited amounts of full fat foods contributing to fat, sat fat or sodium
  • lean sources of meat, fish, poultry and alternatives
  • foods that contain healthy fats including canola and olive oil, fatty fish and nuts
  • whole grains whenever possible e.g. brown rice and pasta, whole wheat breads & tortillas, whole wheat couscous, and whole grains such as oats, quinoa, and bulgur
  • nutrient rich fruits and vegetables

Our recipe solutions for people with diabetes follow the above Healthy Living criteria and also limit added sugars, maximize fibre and are mindful of all ingredients that contribute carbohydrate to the diet. Look for recipes with Diabetes Food Choice Values and the Healthy Living logo to identify recipe solutions for people with diabetes.

Whether you are trying to just eat better, managing your own diabetes or caring for someone with diabetes, we have food solutions that will help. The professionals at Kraft believe healthy eating should be delicious and this does not mean depriving yourself of the occasional indulgence. Aim to eat healthy most of the time and remember that all foods can fit as long as you practice balance and moderation.

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